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How to look for a great hair colorist/stylist

Have you, or perhaps know of someone, had a horror story of a hair color/cut gone wrong? There are many salons and Stylists out there who advertise their great work. As a certified Colorist, here are my 7 tips on how to find a great Colorist/Stylist.

Tip #1 – Ask the closest source to you (Friend, Co-Worker, or Family Member) for a recommendation.

Tip #2 – Don’t be afraid to ask a stranger (Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Social gathering), Who Does Your Hair? Most women love to get hair compliments, and would be happy to refer their Stylist.

Tip #3 – Research salons in your local area. Pick out and visit a few of those salons that fit your budget and comfortable zone. Typically, Stylists have the same personality as their Salon. Most high end salons attract more experienced Stylists and may use high end products too.

Tip #4 – Read the reviews of several Salons/Stylists and choose those who have better reviews/recommendations. Check out their website, Facebook, pictures of their work and read the profile/comments.

Tip #5 – Pay a visit to a few of the Salons. This will give you an opportunity to observe the Salon/Stylists, the atmosphere and ask questions.

Tip #6 - Book a consultation. Consultations are no more than 15 minutes and are usually free. Observe the Stylist: How are they wearing their hair; Is their hair nicely styled; Are they dressed professionally – neat/clean.

- Ask to see the Stylist’ port folio. A good Colorist/Stylist listens very well and then gives his/her recommendation to make sure the color/cut choice fits one’s personality, lifestyle and features.

- Discuss with the Stylist if they have a different approach working with different hair types and textures. Every Stylist has a specialty and this is why the consultation is very important to make sure that the Stylist knows about your hair needs and is experienced working with your hair type.

- If you are unsure, don’t be pressured but tell the Stylist, “Let me think about it”, before committing to an appointment.

Tip #7 - If you detect that a Stylist is not confident, experienced and/or professional, “Run to the Hills”.

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